Monday, September 7, 2009

IDP Six-Month Rule

Six-Month Rule

The Six-Month Rule requires interns to submit their training units in reporting periods of no longer than six months and within two months of completion of each reporting period.

Implementation Timeline

1 July 2009 – The Six-Month Rule went into effect for interns who began an NCARB Record on or after this date.

1 July 2010 – The Six-Month Rule goes into effect for all interns on this date.

Although six months is the maximum amount of time allowed, interns may—and are encouraged to—report more frequently. Extensions are also available for the birth or adoption of a child, serious medical conditions, and active military service.

Once interns have submitted their training units by entering them into their Record online, those units are protected from the Six-Month Rule reporting requirements while any loose ends are tied up. Interns will not be affected by any delay caused by their supervisor or NCARB. However, submitted training units can be lost if they are deemed invalid by their supervisor, or if they are not earned in accordance with the rules of the IDP.

The Six-Month Rule only applies to interns. It does not apply to registered architects who must document past experience for NCARB certification.


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